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  • Creality

    Creality is an art brand that delivers a Gascoyne-based free travelling art festival and workshops in six locations across the region as well as a year-round program of arts activities, clinics and master classes. It travels in its communities’ hearts, building trust, empowering talent, recruiting, training and celebrating Gascoyne's cultural and artistic capital. As a production house, it generates new revenue towards a sustainable future for Gascoyne in May Inc, which in 2022 rebranded to Creality. Creality builds networks that support local talent to tour out and others to travel in. Creality builds life-long friendships; it changes and saves lives. It collects the ‘left out’ and those fractured by lost traditions, remedying isolation with perspective. Creality recognises talent, courage, power – then it resources these. Creality’s language is art: Inspiring, Accessible, Meaningful, Outstanding ART. Gascoyne in May (GiM) was conceived by a dynamic Producer who, using her perspective as an international arts entrepreneur, addressed the remote region’s considerable challenge of importing event infrastructure, skills, and programming content. She did so by establishing a touring circuit that linked a series of festivals in the Gascoyne and recognised local talents and identified local resources. A modus operandi of ‘What can we do NOW with what we have?’ resulted in considerable mobility in making the touring festival circuit initiative a reality. Rather than depending on ‘long time-framed’ arts grants, or third-party organisations, GiM used the considerable power of ‘Recognising, Listening, Reflecting and Empowering’ with local people and groups who shared their precious initiatives. Local creative industry talents were identified, recruited and resourced. A core team of Gascoyne-based creatives was established. It was comprised of members from each of the six communities, resulting in an agile, multi-skilled ‘A-Team’ who built frameworks around grass-root initiatives. Local knowledge, community trust and operational agility resulted in the GiM festival series gaining traction in just one year. In 2011, four festivals were delivered across the region in contrast to the one in 2010 - a quantum leap, by any standard. By sharing the risk with local artists, presenters, and community groups, the GiM team worked side-by-side to deliver festivals, events and community engagement projects - while ‘career empowering’ local creatives. In 2012, ‘Gascoyne in May’ became a not-for-profit organisation constituted and incorporated to formalise the partnership between the four local governments of the Gascoyne region. Prior to this, the festivals had been brought together under the Gascoyne in May umbrella as part of the 2010-2013 Focus Region partnership initiative between Country Arts WA and the Gascoyne Development Commission and gained seed funding from the Department of Culture and the Arts. In 2013, Coral Bay’s Festival of the Reef was brokered in partnership with the Coral Bay Progress Society and for the first time in the Gascoyne Region’s history there was one annual arts event in each of its six communities (across four Local Government Areas). In 2018, the most logistically efficient 3,000km tour circuit was established and festival locations married with dates that enabled the Gascoyne communities to anticipate and plan their annual celebrations - a regional events compass. Local Governments have noted the value of Creality's initiatives and support it with in-kind support and contribute cash to Creality’s annual event delivery. Creality is in the Regional Blueprint 2015–2050 produced by the Gascoyne Development Commission. Creality’s core agendas align with each of its six pillars of transformation.

    Theaker Von Ziarno PO Box 718 Carnarvon Australia Western Australia 6701
  • Granny Glasgow Education and Care
    08 9941 1398
    15 Butcher Street Carnarvon Western Australia 6701
  • Gwoonwardu Mia - Aboriginal Heritage & Cultural Centre

    Gwoonwardu Mia Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre, is a multipurpose centre that celebrates the culture and country of the five Aboriginal language groups of the Gascoyne Region. Based in Carnarvon, the centre has worked with people from each of the local language groups to celebrate and share their stories and culture. The centre features an interpretive centre, Burlganyja Wanggaya - Old People Talking - listen, learn and respect. This multi-award winning permanent interactive exhibition unites and reflects the culture and stories of the five Aboriginal language groups of the region; Yinggarda, Bayungu, Malgana, Thadgari and Thalanyji. As you walk through the interpretive centre, you’ll explore many themes ranging from stories of the land to the ancient and continuing culture of the region, through to station stories and tales from Carnarvon town. Explore exhibits like the Sky Dome, which showcases a timelapse video of a starry sky, with commentary about the ancient art of stargazing for the Aboriginal community. Learn more about the incredible giant, burrowing bees and marvel at the range of artefacts and objects on display. At the centre, you’ll also find an art gallery with local artists pieces on display plus a beautiful ethnobotanical garden.

    (08) 9941 1989
    146 Robinson Street Carnarvon Western Australia 6701