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  • Barry Gard - Bazzas Honey

    Local bee keeper. If a swarm forms, please contact Barry on the mobile number listed. Please do not touch or spray them.

    Mr. Barry Gard (Bee Keeper)
    PO BOX 1133 Carnarvon WA 6701
  • BeeVee Honey

    BeeVee Honey is made up of beekeeping enthusiasts; a husband and wife team who took up beekeeping as a hobby with a few hives to look after on their parent’s farm but then quickly grew to more hives on many farms in Carnarvon. We have beehives situated in different locations throughout the plantation area of Carnarvon; so, the bees have many choices of fruit and vegetables to gather nectar and pollen from. The bees have the option to travel to 180 plantations that grow a plethora of fruit and vegetables; along the Gascoyne Riverbed there are many varieties of gum trees, and the neighbouring bushland has native plants and bushes, so our bees are very busy collecting food and pollinating a diverse range of plants throughout Carnarvon. Because of the diverse range of plants and flowers that the bees visit, BeeVee Honey collects and extracts this honey to provide you with beautiful tasting honey and honeycomb (and bees wax). Please come and visit our on-farm shop at 497 Robinson St, Kingsford. BeeVee Honey can also assist with catching and removing swarms of bees. A swarm may be a pest to you but it is a valuable asset to us, the community and the environment. The bees that we remove are taken care of and placed in a new home and a new location so that they can continue to pollinate our plants and provide golden sweet honey for all of us to enjoy. If you have a swarm that you would like removed, please contact Rob on 0417 515 177. Please note that Rob can assist only after standard work hours, during lunchtime periods and on weekends.

    Mr. Rob Butler (Owner)
    0417 515 177
    0417 515 177
    497 Robinson Street Kingsford WA 6701
  • Carnarvon Festival Incorporated
    Stephanie Leca (Event Director)
  • Carnarvon Library & Art Gallery
    (08) 9941 3727
    18 Egan St Carnarvon Australia WA 6701
    PO Box 459 Carnarvon Australia WA 6701
  • Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum

    The Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum celebrates the little known history of the role Carnarvon played in the manned space program and in the Australian satellite communications industry. In 1966, the Casshorn antenna locally known as the ‘Sugar Scoop’ was used for the first television broadcast from Australia to the BBC in London. The program was called “Down Under Comes Up Live”. On 21 July 1969, the day of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Casshorn antenna which stands beside the OTC Dish relayed Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon from NASA’s Honey Suckle Creek Tracking Station to Perth’s TV audience via Moree earth station – the first live telecast into Western Australia. Later in 1969, the larger 29.6 metre wide steerable antenna was built to facilitate better communication between the NASA Tracking Station and the USA. The Carnarvon Tracking Station (no longer standing) was located 10 kilometres south from Carnarvon. The station was built to support NASA’s Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs. It was commissioned in 1964 and operated for 11 years. It was the last station to communicate with the space capsules leaving the earth’s orbit, and the last to make contact before splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. At the height of the operation it had a staff of 220 people. The OTC Satellite Earth Station is now the site for the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum, located approximately 6km from the town centre. The OTC Satellite Earth Station was opened in1966, initially the 12.8 metre wide Casshorn antenna known as the ‘sugar scoop’ was part of the global satellite communications system. The museum focuses on two parts, the Carnarvon Tracking Station and the OTC Satellite Earth Station, for which each station played separate roles in the early space industry. Phase One of the museum was officially opened by retired NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin in 2012, Phase Two by Australian born astronaut Andy Thomas in 2014 and Phase Three in 2016 by “The Last Man on the Moon” astronaut Gene Cernan. In 2018 a new display was built to honour the first American in space Alan Shepard. The full size 25 meter tall mock up of a Mercury Redstone sits proudly sits at the entry of the museum. The museum is operated by a small dedicated group of volunteers and is mainly self funded.

    (08) 9941 9901
    Mahony Avenue Carnarvon Western Australia 6701
  • Carnarvon Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service

    There are over 2,300 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) members from 94 brigades in Western Australia who provide firefighting and prevention services throughout the state. VFRS firefighters undertake a range of responsibilities including: • Combating fires • Containing hazardous material spills • Road crash rescue • Fire safety education DFES provides VFRS training in: • Personal and team safety • Structural and bushfire fighting • Communications • First aid • Vehicle driving both on and off road • Leadership and emergency management procedures Members of the Carnarvon Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service (VFRS) play a vital and significant role in helping to ensure that the community is a safe place to work, live and play. They carry out risk management activities, fire prevention activities, fight fires, teach fire safety education to school children, work with local residents to improve their own personal safety and respond to road accident rescues. VFRS Volunteers serve the community on a voluntary basis by providing a commitment in time, knowledge and expertise in operational and non-operational roles (e.g. Support Member). Become a Volunteer! The Carnarvon VFRS is located at Robinson Street. Training is on every Monday. VFRS is seeking volunteers to join the rank and file. It is a family friendly, equal opportunities service where everyone is made to feel welcome.

    344 Robinson St Carnarvon WA 6701
  • Carnarvon Volunteer Sea Rescue

    There are 39 Marine Rescue WA groups situated along Western Australia’s 13,000 kilometre coastline from Rockingham in the west to Esperance in the south to Kununurra in the north, including Christmas and Cocos (Keeling ) Islands, all with one central aim to protect and saves lives at sea. Of the total number of groups, 39 have been formally approved under the DFES Act and comprise of more than 1,700 registered volunteers. Become a Volunteer! The Carnarvon Marine Rescue is located at towards the end of Harbour Road at the boat harbour. Training is on every second Wednesday, and they also have a Sundowner on the Last Friday of the month. CVSR is seeking volunteers to join the rank and file. It is a family friendly, equal opportunities service where everyone is made to feel welcome.

  • Gascoyne River Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade

    West Australians (WA) in rural and pastoral areas rely heavily on Bush Fire Brigades (BFB) for protection against the threat and devastation of fire. Over 19.500 bush fire service volunteers protect WA from bushfires through fire prevention and risk management, fire suppression and fire safety education. These volunteers operate through 566 BFB’s, which are administered and trained by respective Local Governments and supported by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). Become a Volunteer! The Gascoyne River Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade is located in the sheds just before 9 mile bridge on North West Coastal Highway. The Bush Fire Brigade is seeking volunteers to join the rank and file. It is a family friendly, equal opportunities service where everyone is made to feel welcome.

    Next to 1896 North West Coastal Highway Carnarvon Western Austraila 6701
  • Gwoonwardu Mia - Aboriginal Heritage & Cultural Centre

    Gwoonwardu Mia Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre, is a multipurpose centre that celebrates the culture and country of the five Aboriginal language groups of the Gascoyne Region. Based in Carnarvon, the centre has worked with people from each of the local language groups to celebrate and share their stories and culture. The centre features an interpretive centre, Burlganyja Wanggaya - Old People Talking - listen, learn and respect. This multi-award winning permanent interactive exhibition unites and reflects the culture and stories of the five Aboriginal language groups of the region; Yinggarda, Bayungu, Malgana, Thadgari and Thalanyji. As you walk through the interpretive centre, you’ll explore many themes ranging from stories of the land to the ancient and continuing culture of the region, through to station stories and tales from Carnarvon town. Explore exhibits like the Sky Dome, which showcases a timelapse video of a starry sky, with commentary about the ancient art of stargazing for the Aboriginal community. Learn more about the incredible giant, burrowing bees and marvel at the range of artefacts and objects on display. At the centre, you’ll also find an art gallery with local artists pieces on display plus a beautiful ethnobotanical garden.

    (08) 9941 1989
    146 Robinson Street q Carnarvon Western Australia 6701
  • Justice of the Peace - Mr Dale Rogers
    Mr. Dale Rogers (Justice of the Peace)
    (08) 9941 8585
  • Justice of the Peace - Mr Dudley Maslen

    Has language skills in local Aboriginal dialects

    Mr. Dudley Maslen (Justice of the Peace)
    0429 412 421
    0429 412 421
  • Justice of the Peace - Mr Keith Deimel
    0438 604 602
    0438 604 602
  • Justice of the Peace - Mr Lino Paggi

    Has language skills in Italian dialect

    Mr. Lino Paggi (Justice of the Peace)
    (08) 9941 1587
  • Justice of the Peace - Mr Mark Young
    Mr. Mark Young (Justice of the Peace)
    0428 461 505
    0428 461 505
  • Justice of the Peace - Mr Richard Skender

    Has language skills in Croatian dialect

    0409 108 112
    0409 108 112
  • Justice of the Peace - Mr Shane Seers
    Mr. Shane Seers (Justice of the Peace)
    0427 407 167
    0427 407 167
  • Justice of the Peace - Mr Wallace Dale
    0429 413 010
    0429 413 010
  • Justice of the Peace - Mrs Jean Beard
    0408 911 426
    0408 911 426
  • Justice of the Peace - Mrs Jillian Dwyer
    0408 096 221
    0408 096 221
  • Justice of the Peace - Mrs Julie Fullarton
    (08) 9941 9094
    0438 845 319
  • Justice of the Peace - Mrs Kimberley Whitehall-Holla
    Mrs. Kimberley Whitehall-Holla (Justice of the Peace)
    0417 155 211
    0417 155 211
  • Justice of the Peace - Mrs Patricia Tilbee
    Mrs. Patricia Tilbee (Justice of the Peace)
    0428 418 072
    0428 418 072
  • Justice of the Peace - Ms Sandra Lymbery
    Ms. Sandra Lymbery (Justice of the Peace)
    0428 425 874
    0428 425 874
  • St John Ambulance Carnarvon

    St John is a charitable, non-profit, humanitarian organisation teaching first aid to the community, delivering the state's ambulance service. For non-emergency contact and for first aid training or supplies (08) 9941 1082

    358 Robinson St East Carnarvon Western Austraila 6701
  • State Emergency Services Carnarvon

    When a natural disaster strikes or an emergency situation arises, DFES’s State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers can be found providing a wide range of volunteer services to help the community cope from the impact a disaster. Helping the community to recover by responding to natural disasters is only part of SES’ responsibility. Volunteers also carry out land search working alongside WA Police, cliff, aerial and cave rescues. SES volunteers can also assist with air search observation. There are over 2,100 SES volunteers in WA. Many work diligently behind the scenes as radio or computer operators, in administration or incident control, planning and logistics. SES volunteer training includes: • First aid • Map reading and navigation • Land search techniques • Storm damage techniques • Flood boat rescue • General rescue • Radio communications • Leadership • Management • Driving vehicles for emergencies • Road crash rescue • Single rope techniques (abseiling) and vertical rescue • Observation from aircraft and supply dropping • Ground support for fire services Become a Volunteer! The Carnarvon SES is located behind the Civic Centre on Camel Lane. Training is on every second Wednesday. SES is seeking volunteers to join the rank and file. It is a family friendly, equal opportunities service where everyone is made to feel welcome

    Camel Lane Carnarvon Western Austraila 6701