Carnarvon is set to wow crowds with the launch of Solar Eclipse events.

Published on Tuesday, 21 March 2023 at 1:49:18 PM

Carnarvon is gearing up for an unforgettable experience as it prepares for the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 20, 2023. The event will be marked by a series of exciting activities and events that will take place throughout the week, leading up to the highly anticipated Symphony of Music event on eclipse day.

The Symphony of Music event will highlight the week-long celebration, featuring members of the Perth Symphony Orchestra and invite guests, Narli Ensemble, Caravana Sun and the Murphy Brothers. This unique and captivating performance will combine a blend of classical and contemporary music styles with celebrating the occasion of the Solar Eclipse.

To kick off the week-long festivities, Dr John Goldsmith will launch the Visions of the Cosmos exhibition at the Shire of Carnarvon’s Library and Art Gallery on April 14. Visions of the Cosmos is a collaboration by several of Western Australia’s most accomplished astro-photographers. Visions of the Cosmos presents an extraordinary diversity of astrophotography, including night-time landscapes, constellations, deep space, planetary and timelapse.

The Space Museum will host a night at the museum on April 17. Visitors will be treated to stargazing as they marvel at the beauty of the night sky and learn more about the wonders of space. The event promises to be an enlightening and educational experience for all ages, with a presentation from the Eclipse Discovery Tour, which includes guest speakers from SciTech and Astro-Photographer, Michael Goh.

Gwoonwardu Mia will host a dynamic 10-day program of cultural experiences. Visitors immerse themselves in various activities showcasing the Gascoyne region's rich cultural heritage, including traditional dance performances, storytelling sessions, and Aboriginal art and craft workshops. A virtual reality experience, Beyond the Milky Way, will allow visitors to immerse themselves in Australia’s future site of the incredible Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescopes in an immersive 360-degree virtual reality cinema experience.

"We are thrilled Carnarvon has jumped on the opportunity to showcase the town by hosting such an incredible line-up of events for the Solar Eclipse," said Shire President Eddie Smith. "The Symphony of Music event will highlight the diversity of these amazing performers and create an incredible atmosphere in the centre of town for visitors, not to mention the range of other events on offer.”

Carnarvon is set to experience 97% visibility of the Eclipse, which will occur at 11.27am on April 20. The Solar Eclipse in Carnarvon is expected to attract visitors from all over Australia and beyond. With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and exciting line-up of events, Carnarvon is the perfect destination to experience this rare celestial event.
For more information on the Carnarvon Solar Eclipse program of events, visit the Carnarvon Visitor Centre website or speak to the friendly team to assist in booking your visit to the region on (08) 9941 1146.

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