Reflect, Respect and Celebration of January 26 a Success!

Published on Tuesday, 7 February 2023 at 4:10:19 PM

The Australia Day Breakfast and Awards ceremony at the Yacht Club was a huge success as the community came together to celebrate the achievements of its citizens and welcome new Australians. The event was followed by the Reflect, Respect, and Celebrate on Yinggarda Country event on the Fascine, showcasing the region's rich Aboriginal culture and heritage and concluded with fireworks.

The Community Citizen of the Year awards, presented during the breakfast ceremony, recognised the hard work and dedication of residents who have significantly impacted their communities. This year’s winners of the awards were:

  • Cherie Sibosado - Community Citizen of the Year
  • Rena Abreu - Young Citizen of the Year
  • John Tomkins - Senior Citizen of the Year
  • Carnarvon Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service – Active Community Citizenship (Group or Event)

These awards acknowledged the contributions of these individuals to the community and served as a testament to the spirit of Carnarvon and its residents. The community is proud of these award recipients and their achievements.

"The Australia Day breakfast and awards ceremony was a great way to start the day and celebrate the achievements of our citizens," said Shire President, Eddie Smith. "I am proud to live in such a supportive and caring community where people are recognised for their contributions. The Reflect, Respect, and Celebrate on Yinggarda Country event was also a fantastic way to showcase our rich cultural heritage and bring our community together."

The Australia Day events bring residents together to celebrate their achievements, heritage, and community spirit. This year’s program was funded by the National Australia Day Council. 

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