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Name of person making disclosure Description of gift Name and address of person who made gift Date gift was received Estimated value of gift at time it was made Nature of relationship between person who made gift and person who received gift For a gift that is a travel contribution - description and date of travel For an excluded gift under s.5.62(1B)(a): the date of the approval refereed to in s.5.62(1B)(a)(ii) and the reasons for the approval
Stephanie Leca 1 x Ticket to Coles Telethon Ball Doriana Mangili
Robinson Street, Carnarvon
14/11/2022 $185.00 Employed in a private business capacity by Sweeter Banana
Max Tangi, Dean Andreoli, Noel Gaitskell 1 x Case of Beer (thankyou for assisting with bogged vehicle) Ross & Partner
Not Available
22/07/2022 $49.00 Visitor to Carnarvon
Cheryl Weston Small pen & ink framed artwork Jessie Larmen
22/09/2021 $50.00 Library Patron
Valentine Crome Small pen & ink framed artwork Jessie Larmen
22/09/2021 $50.00 Library Patron
CHERYL WESTON (Coordinator Library Services) Bag of 10 avocados (Thank you to staff for library services) Susan Parry (Library Patron)
CHERYL WESTON BOTTLE OF RED WINE (Thank you for assistance with computer use) Warren Malpas (Library Patron)
09/03/2017 $10.00 Library Patron/Coordinator Library Services
Cheryl Weston $10 cash inside a Christmas card thanking each staff member for the fantastic service received in assisting with family history research Larry Hickmott
Visiting from Ripponden, UK
13/12/2016 $10.00 Coordinator Library Services / Library User Description: (Cash will be donated to Jeans for Genes – Shire collection)
(1)Renee Lathwell 1 x Carton 4X Gail (Mrs T)
Not Known
09/12/2016 $45.00 None Description: Gift was presented with Xmas Card Reading β€˜To all the Shire Crew – Thank you for your consistent endeavours to ensure all of our lovely town is well maintained. You guys do a great job!! Gail (Mrs T) and John Lewis.

Register of Gifts and Travel to 18 October 2019

Prior to the amendments to the Local Government Act 1995 proclaimed on the 18 October 2019, local governments were required to maintain a register of gifts and travel contributions received by the Mayor, Elected Members, Chief Executive Officer and relevant employees. This register is now redundant but is required to remain publicly available.

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