Current Cyclone Alert Status

Published on Friday, 23 February 2024 at 5:39:00 PM

Update time: 03:57 PM, 23 February 2024.
Please note changes to warnings including the addition of a Yellow Alert. Please note information about road closures in place from Saturday under Road Closures and Conditions. Two Evacuation Centres are open at Exmouth Shire Hall and the Carnarvon Civic Centre.
⚠ A YELLOW ALERT is current for people in or near coastal communities and offshore islands between North West Cape, Coral Bay and Giralia (including Exmouth). There is a possible threat to lives and homes as a cyclone is approaching the area. You need to take action and get ready to shelter from a cyclone.
- Put your cyclone plan into action and go to your nearest evacuation centre or safer place.
- Keep your emergency kit with you.
- Move vehicles under cover.
- Fasten cyclone screens, board up or heavily tape exposed windows.
- Ensure pets and animals are in a safe area.
- Be aware that shops may now be closing.
πŸŒ€ Cyclone BLUE ALERT for south of ONSLOW to OVERLANDER ROADHOUSE (including LYNDON) πŸŒ€
⚠ A BLUE ALERT is current for people in or near coastal communities and offshore islands south of ONSLOW to OVERLANDER ROADHOUSE (including LYNDON).
⚠ Although there is no immediate danger you need to start preparing for cyclonic weather, commence implementing your cyclone plan and organise an emergency kit including first aid kit, torch, portable radio, food and water.
- Get ready for dangerous weather by preparing your home inside and out.
- Secure boats, caravans, trailers, garden sheds, outdoor furniture, rainwater tanks, LPG bottles, loose material and rubbish around your home and workplace.
- Ensure your emergency kit is complete and check your family knows what to do.
- Check in with friends and neighbours to make sure they’re preparing too.
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βœ… Cyclone ALL CLEAR advice for MARDIE to ONSLOW βœ…
An ALL CLEAR advice is current for people in or near coastal communities between MARDIE to ONSLOW. The cyclone risk is now passing the area.
As at 23 February 2024 02:52 PM the Bureau of Meteorology advised:
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln is moving to the west southwest and is likely to turn to the south, towards the far west Pilbara coast from tonight. Ex-Lincoln is forecast to re-develop into a tropical cyclone tonight.
On Saturday, the system is most likely to pass just to the west of the Exmouth-Ningaloo area then cross the Gascoyne coast before weakening inland on Sunday.
⚠ Hazards ⚠
Gales with damaging wind gusts of 100 km/h may develop overnight tonight between Onslow and Ningaloo, and become more likely during Saturday in the Exmouth to Coral Bay region as the cyclone approaches from the north.
The risk of gales with damaging wind gusts of 100 km/h may extend to between Coral Bay and Carnarvon, including Carnarvon by late Saturday, and further south between Carnarvon and Wooramel Roadhouse on Saturday night.
Heavy RAINFALL is likely to be confined to near the path of the cyclone, developing about the western Pilbara as the cyclone approaches the coast from tonight, and then spreading southwards into the western Gascoyne as the system moves south on Saturday.
Abnormally high tides near the path of the system could cause minor flooding at the coast between Onslow and Wooramel Roadhouse.
Details of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln at 2:00 pm AWST:
Intensity: Tropical Low, sustained winds near the centre of 55 kilometres per hour with wind gusts to 85 kilometres per hour.
Location: within 45 kilometres of 18.6 degrees South 114.0 degrees East, estimated to be 380 kilometres northwest of Karratha and 370 kilometres north of Exmouth.
Movement: west southwest at 25 kilometres per hour.
For current Bureau of Meteorology Watch and Warnings visit
In anticipation of strong winds and potential heavy rainfall, the following roads will be closed from Saturday 24 February 2024:
- North West Coastal Highway both directions between Carnarvon Road and Nanutarra Roadhouse - southbound from 7am and northbound from 12pm
- North West Coastal Highway from Kalbarri-Ajana East Road to Carnarvon Road - northbound from 7am and southbound from 12pm
- Carnarvon Road both directions between North West Coastal Highway and Oliva Terrace from 12pm
- Coral Bay Road both directions between Minilya-Exmouth Road and Coral Bay townsite from 12pm
- Burkett Road both directions between North West Coastal Highway and Minilya-Exmouth Road from 12pm
- Minilya-Exmouth Road both directions between North West Coastal Highway and Exmouth townsite from 12pm
- Shark Bay Road both directions between North West Coastal Highway and Denham Road and Monkey Mia Road from 12pm
- Monkey Mia Road both directions between Denham Road and Shark Bay Road and Monkey Mia from 4pm
Other roads may be closed and motorists are asked to reduce speed and drive carefully.
Reconsider travel to the area and people travelling in caravans should leave the area prior to a cyclone approaching for your own safety.
Never drive into water of unknown depth and current.
Road information may also be available from Main Roads WA by calling 138 138 or visiting or by contacting your Local Government Authority.
The Department of Communities has set up the following evacuation centres:
- Carnarvon Civic Centre, 21 Robinson St, Carnarvon.
- Exmouth Shire Hall, 22 Maidstone Crescent, Exmouth.
Please take any essential items such as medications and identification to the evacuation centre.
Pets (except recognised assistance animals) are not allowed inside evacuation centres for health and safety reasons, so you should make alternative arrangements for them.
People in the Shire of Exmouth can call 0428 518 413 for any urgent animal welfare issues.
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πŸ“± If you need SES assistance call 132 500.
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