Horticultural Cleanup Campaign

Published on Thursday, 15 June 2023 at 3:48:53 PM





The Shire of Carnarvon acknowledges the many Carnarvon growers who reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of their horticultural waste responsibly. Many of these growers also maintain their farms in a tidy condition without excessive accumulation of waste materials and make informed use of fertilisers and pesticides. These growers not only contribute to Carnarvon’s reputation for quality horticultural produce, but they also raise the profile of the Carnarvon horticultural region as a healthy farming district despite the difficulties and challenges they face.


After the 2021 flood event, some horticultural waste was a concern. This resulted in the Department of Water and Environment Regulation (DWER) conducting a survey of waste dumping along the river reserves which reported multiple sites of obvious waste dumping.


At the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 26 April 2023, Council resolved to support Carnarvon growers to make improvements in the management of waste on horticultural properties by allowing a once-off three-month exemption on waste disposal fees at the Brown Range Waste Facility.


The exemption will start on Friday 9 June 2023 and the last day will be Friday 8 September 2023. This means that during this period there will be no charge to dispose of all wastes originating from horticultural properties, subject to the conditions in the information sheets provided.


Each horticulturalist has been provided with an approval voucher which must be presented at each visit to the waste facility site for a fee exemption too be claimed. This voucher has been posted to the mailing address the Shire has on our records for each property.  If you lose your voucher, or did not receive your voucher in the mail, please contact the Shire via shire@carnarvon.wa.gov.au  for a replacement.


Important Note

Of note, it is important that all property owners ensure that the Shire is kept informed of updates to   mailing addresses.  Should you change your address please notify the Shire of Carnarvon Rates Department at rates@carnarvon.wa.gov.au.   Rates Notices and other important correspondence is mailed out to those addresses that have been provided to our Rates Department. If these addresses are incorrect you will unfortunately not receive this information.


Andrea Selvey



Please See Documents Attached for more information:

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20230613 Plantations - Tip Fee Waiver Information - Vietnamese