Pelican Point Beach Closure - Temporary

Published on Friday, 24 February 2023 at 10:58:40 AM

Turtles continue to nest along sections of Pelican Point beach and barriers have been put in place to stop vehicles accessing the area, with signage on its way.

This measure is temporary as the Shire seeks further advice from DBCA about our options that align with our Strategic Community Plan objective which commits us to protecting our environment, fisheries and wildlife and our legislative responsibilities. 

We encourage people to visit the area on foot to observe the turtles from a safe distance.
We acknowledge that this may create some inconvenience for residents who enjoy driving on the beach but also recognise that we are lucky to live and play in Carnarvon with a range of different recreation and fishing spots to enjoy whilst this closure is in place.

Thank you for your understanding to those who have observed this closure.  We hope you get to continue to enjoy the beach and witness our flippered friends – Nature is wild enough for them, with having to look both ways on the beach too.