The Shire of Carnarvon received funding to implement a recycled water irrigation system in Carnarvon. This project commenced in 2018, and the upgrades were scheduled to happen over three years. 

Works completed to date:


Construct new recycled water pump station at the Babbage Island treatment ponds


Supply and Install 730 metres of DN180 PE100 PN12.5 pipeline from the pump station to the north end of Brockman Park.


Install of approx. 450 metres of DN180mm PE100 PN12.5 pipeline joining Stage 1 at the northern end of Brockman Park to the intersection of Bibra Way and David Brand Drive


Install of approx. 560 metres of DN160mm PE100 PN12.5 pipeline from the end of stage 2 to Van Dongen Park on Robinson Street.

The final stages of this project included the following upgrades: 

Recycled Water Pipeline:

Construction of approx. 245m of recycled water mains pipeline from the completion of Stage 3 (Van Dongen Park) to an existing boost pump station at Town Oval.

Upgrade Of The Town Oval Boost Pump Station:

An existing pump station structure is to be upgraded/ renewed to a contemporary standard that includes painting, weatherproofing, and vermin proofing. The works will include an internal electrical and hydraulic fit out.