The Shire of Carnarvon is committed to strengthening the economic profile of Carnarvon and surrounds.

Shaping new and existing industry and business activities, attracting investors and providing long term employment opportunities is pivotal to the long-term success of the community.

As the Gascoyne region's most populous town, the Shire of Carnarvon has the ability to play a key role in leveraging opportunities to grow economic development, employment and business confidence in the region.

Committed to collaboration with our stakeholders and as an advocate for our community, the Shire is ideally positioned to drive necessary changes, pursue opportunities and work collectively towards positive development and growth for the region.

The following 5 focus areas will provide a framework for economic development initiatives for 2022-2024:

    Investment Attraction, Advocacy & marketing

    • Promotion of Carnarvon as a ‘place of choice’ to invest and do business
    • Develop Investment Attraction materials and online tools for branding and promoting specific opportunities
    • Facilitate new commercial developments on appropriately zoned land
    • Identify specific opportunities to strengthen existing industry sectors and broaden the economic base

    Business Retention & Expansion 

    • Facilitate improved access to business development skills and knowledge in partnership with the Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce and Industries Grow Local Program
    • Encourage local purchasing through the promotion of local businesses and the Buy Local Campaign
    • Facilitate local enterprise networks, including the Women in Business Network to support a culture of innovation and enterprise
    • Collaborate with relevant stakeholder organisations, including Gascoyne Development Commission, Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gwoonwardu Mia cultural Centre and Innovation Hub to encourage business start-ups.
    • Foster a business culture that supports weekend trading to assist with tourism growth and an ‘open for business’ aesthetic.

    Industry Development 

    • Develop and maintain relationships with local industry groups to better understand issues and opportunities to support industry growth and advocacy efforts
    • Explore the potential for further strategic partnerships and formalisation of collaboration/networks, particularly in the tourism, renewable resources, aquaculture, agriculture, construction and retail industries
    • Facilitate engagement with Federal and State government representatives to advocate key industry sector opportunities and challenges

    Strategic Infrastructure

    • Work with stakeholders to identify future strategic economic infrastructure needs of industry, business and the community
    • Advocate public and private investment in infrastructure (including public/private partnerships) to seize opportunities for the development of our key industry sectors
    • Capitalise on regional advantages by advocating funding for the establishment of health, education and recreational infrastructure that encourages retention and attraction of residents
    • Review land use and building controls and timing for land release and servicing strategies 

    Place-Making & Activation

    • Engage with stakeholders to inspire activities and events which recognise the qualities and uniqueness of towns and specific places
    • Partner with business owners and managers to focus positive activity onto streets and public spaces
    • Encourage events and cultural activities that help activate/enliven local towns and tourist precincts
    • Encourage property owners to improve and maintain their facades
    • Prepare and implement physical and cultural improvements to key tourist and business precincts

    Our initiatives and support 

    The Shire of Carnarvon is dedicated to economic growth and is responsible for assisting with the development of the Shire's local economy, promoting tourism, supporting local businesses and encouraging new business activities.

    The Shire of Carnarvon has a number of initiatives to support economic growth: 

    Buy Local Campaign

    The Shire of Carnarvon is a proud sponsor and promotor of the Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Christmas Buy Local Campaign. The campaign encourages local residents to buy local, and in return, they go into the draw to win Carnarvon Chamber of Commencer and Industry vouchers, which reinvests local money into our businesses. 

    Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce & Industry

    Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce & Industry Facebook Page 

    Grow Local Program

    The Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with the Shire of Carnarvon, Rio Tinto and the Gascoyne Development Commission is developing a program that aims to improve access to business support services, workshops, and networking opportunities for local businesses. The Grow Local Program aims to enhance the capability of local businesses to increase their agility to respond to disruption and to engage in opportunities. 

    Click here for more information about the Grow Local Program


    The Shire of Carnarvon has signed the Small Business Friendly Local Governments Charter to show that we have committed to work with, and support, small business by:

    • offering enhanced customer service
    • reducing red tape
    • making on-time payments
    • having a process in place to handle disputes
    • introducing other activities to improve the operating environment for small businesses in their area

    How is the Shire of Carnarvon supporting Local Business?

    In Externally

    The Shire is dedicated to economic growth and is focused on supporting development, growth and sustainability of our local businesses.  The Shire supports the Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Grow Local Program.

    Within the Shire

    The Shire has developed the Business Concierge Service.

    What is a concierge? 

    A concierge is a person who specializes in providing personal assistance and concierge service such as gathering information, forms and contact information for small businesses to reduce the confusion, calls and red tape related to business compliance.

    Our Business Concierge officers can assist by:

    • supporting new and existing business start and grow at all stages
    • gaining insights from businesses for service improvement and policy development
    • providing a one stop shop for businesses, with information from Shire of Carnarvon, state and federal governments and other organisations
    • connecting all businesses with the right business mentoring service, at the right time to achieve business success.

    Meet our Business Concierge to have your specific questions answered, get some general advice, or build that relationship. You can request to have a chat with our Business Concierge Officer below or by phone on (08) 9941 0000 or email