Council approves demolition of two damaged houses

Published on Thursday, 12 May 2022 at 5:52:15 PM

Two damaged houses have been approved for demolition by the Council on grounds of safety and amenity standards.

Both houses have been deemed unfit for habitation due to significant interior damage inside. One house was determined to be unfit in November 2021, with the other deemed unfit in December 2021 following a complaint from police.

The Shire has issued orders for each house under the Health Act for the structures to be boarded up within 14 days and demolished within 60 days. The orders to securely board up all openings of the houses, including eaves, gables, windows, and door openings, are issued to minimise impacts of weather, such as a cyclone, and deter unlawful entry.

The respective owners of the houses can respond to the Shire’s orders with intentions to repair the property, which the Shire may allow as an alternative to demolition. This process allows the owners to decide on repairs to the house, which the Shire will need to agree to before any repair works can proceed.

“We have a duty to ensure housing within the Shire meets health and amenity standards for both occupants and the community,” says Shire President Eddie Smith. “We’re committed to working with the respective owners of both houses.”

Section 135 under the Health Act allows local governments to declare a house unfit for habitation for health and safety reasons and section 137 states local governments can order an unfit house to be removed or repaired within a timeframe.

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