Baxter Park Nature Playground Grand Opening Celebrates Community, Culture, and Connection

Published on Friday, 15 September 2023 at 2:04:50 PM

The Shire of Carnarvon is thrilled to announce the official opening of the Baxter Park Nature Playground, a vibrant addition to our community that promises endless fun and learning opportunities for children and families. This exciting project, funded by the Australian Government Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program, marks the first step in our commitment to enhancing local infrastructure and amenities, aligning with the Shire's Strategic Community Plan.

On Friday, 8 September, Baxter Park came alive with children playing and families coming together to celebrate the grand opening of this incredible Nature Playground. The day was filled with laughter and excitement, and families were even treated to a special appearance by the enchanting Bush Fairies.

The Nature Playground is the result of collaboration between the Shire of Carnarvon and the Yinggarda Aboriginal Corporation. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to elder Kath Ryan for her invaluable contribution to preserving the local Yinggarda language, which is beautifully integrated into the playground through fossil footprints. Additionally, the use of One Mile Jetty timbers pays homage to our rich local heritage.

Nature Playgrounds play a vital role in the development of our children. They provide a unique opportunity for kids to engage with the natural world, fostering physical activity, imaginative play, and a deep appreciation for the environment. These spaces encourage social interaction, problem-solving, and curiosity, promoting holistic childhood development.

The Baxter Park Nature Playground represents the Shire of Carnarvon's dedication to providing high-quality and accessible amenities for our community. As outlined in our Strategic Community Plan, our objective is to create an environment where residents can live, work, and invest. Projects like these not only enrich our community's quality of life but also contribute to our growth as a desirable place to call home.

The Shire of Carnarvon will continue to seek funding opportunities to bring additional stages of this exciting project to life, ensuring that Baxter Park remains a dynamic and engaging space for generations to come.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Australian Government, the Yinggarda Aboriginal Corporation, and the entire Carnarvon community for their support for this project. Together, we are building a brighter, more vibrant future for our community.

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