Blowholes Reserve Update

Published on Thursday, 21 April 2022 at 9:32:25 AM

There have been an increasing number of comments and concerns about what your Shire Council is doing at the Blowholes. The Shire would like to share some updates and information to ensure an open and transparent dialogue with the community about this important place.

Your Shire Council is bound by and is following the process set out in the 2014 Blowholes Reserves Management Plan (BRMP) which the then Council and State Government endorsed and approved. This document is available on the Shire’s website.  We would encourage anyone with questions or concerns should first consult this document.

Your Shire Council understands that various stakeholders, including shack owners, have expressed concern with the proposed site for new chalet lease sites. The Shire President, Eddie Smith, has written to the Minister for Lands requesting a review of the BRMP to facilitate a more practical area for the chalet lease sites.

“Recent discussions with Department of Lands have been very positive,” said Cr Smith,  “the Shire is confident we should have an answer soon.”

Once the shacks are removed, the area will be repurposed as a camping precinct in accordance with the BRMP, specifically action items in section 2.4: “clearly defined and separated precincts for day use, chalets, and tents to be implemented within the Reserve to accommodate all current users.”

The Shire endeavours to keep the community informed and updated on the Blowholes Reserve project. After reviewing the 2014 Blowholes Reserves Management Plan, please kindly contact the Shire office if there are any questions. 

For media enquiries, please contact 

Alice Warwick

Communications and Engagement Co-ordinator

P: (08) 9941 0042


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