Blowholes Reserve Update

Published on Thursday, 16 June 2022 at 12:39:26 PM

To:  The Community



Blowholes Reserve Update


I’m taking the opportunity to provide an update to the community on the progress your Shire Council is achieving in implementing the 2014 Blowholes Reserves Management Plan.


Now is a good time to put a stop to these incorrect statements and accusations on Councillors and Staff which I consider to be totally disrespectful and damaging for the Council and our community.  There are some rumours being relayed throughout the community which are hard to comprehend. For example, an unsubstantiated rumour that Council has given RAC an offer for them to construct a 500 bed Caravan Park on the Blowholes Reserve. I can vehemently deny and advise the Community that this is in fact untrue and that Council has had no communication with the RAC in any regard whatsoever in relation to a caravan park.


Council continues to work closely with the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage (DPLH) on an amendment to the Plan to recognise a safe and suitable site for the proposed new Chalets that is compliant with Aboriginal Heritage, Coastal and Land planning requirements.  It must also be noted that the Blowholes Protection Association (shack owners) endorsed the 2008 Master Plan which then lead to the development of the 2014 Management Plan to deliver the Master Plan.


In conjunction with this, Council has issued demolition orders on the remaining twenty two squatter shacks, unfortunately the shack owners have taken Council’s decision to apply the building orders to the State Appeals Tribunal (SAT).  Aside from being a financial burden on your Council, this may hold up the process of implementing the plan. I must also thank those Shack owners that have removed their shacks and cleaned up the sites.


Your Shire Council is committed to implementing the 2014 Master Plan to ensure our whole community and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy and share what the Blowholes Reserve has to offer in a fair and equitable manner.


In the meantime if you are provided with any information that may cause a concern, please contact myself on 0438 911 465 or your Councillors for the facts.


Kind Regards



Cr Eddie Smith


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