Building Capacity in the Regions

Published on Thursday, 17 August 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

It was a privilege to host and work alongside the ART ON THE MOVE technicians during the recent installation of The Alternative Archive. It gave our small team great insight watching and working through the various aspects of unpacking and condition reporting. We gained a greater understanding of the array of installation techniques for the various artworks while working alongside (ART ON THE MOVE workshop technicians) Matt, Elizabeth and Nurul.

The most valuable outcome of the week was the journey managing the large number of crates, the significant number of artworks and the evolving decision-making of installing the works in our space. It truly was a collaborative effort in attaining the resulting exhibition layout utilising our space to its best advantage to showcase each work. Also, managing and transferring the crates from the gallery to the storage space was equally challenging yet achievable through patience, care, and guidance. 

Top quote of the week on Day One on seeing the number and size of the crates in the space and considering where to begin:

‘Right… this is going to be interesting.’

Our sincere thanks to ART ON THE MOVE for the generous support offered which facilitated this collaboration. Not only was the opportunity invaluable in inspiring and ‘training’ team members, it also presented a great example of best practice in action.

Part of ART ON THE MOVE’s role is to provide learning and development opportunities for the visual arts sector across regional WA.

Images: Guided installation of The Alternative Archive

Photos by Carnarvon Library & Art Gallery.

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