Council Adopt Measured Approach to 2023/2024 Rates

Published on Friday, 5 May 2023 at 11:33:05 AM

At the April Council Meeting, Councillors voted unanimously to adopt a 3% increase in rates using a Differential Rating method to fund the 2023/2024 Annual Budget.

The purpose of levying rates is to meet Council’s budget requirements in each financial year and enables Council to raise the revenue necessary to provide community facilities, infrastructure, services and to progress the aspirations and priorities identified by our community via the Strategic Community Plan.

The rates levied on properties are determined by applying the rate in the dollar to the applicable valuation amount of the properties within the district, and if applicable, applying a minimum rate. The Shire applies a minimum rate to each rating category in accordance with section 6.35 of the Local Government Act, to ensure that properties with a low valuation still pay a fair and reasonable amount towards the maintenance and continuity of Shire infrastructure and services.

Each household, business, plantation and pastoral station has felt the hit of rising costs over the last 12 months.  These price escalations have also been felt by the Shire who has worked hard to balance costs. During the same Council meeting where these rates were considered, Council celebrated the work of staff that created an incredible Program of Events during the week of the Solar Eclipse in April, waived landing fees to support the Carnarvon Race Club, and unfortunately had to turn down a footpath construction project which was quoted nearly $700,000 over the initial budget of $210,000. As they do each month, Council considered each of the items and had to balance the cost and the benefit to the community.

“Like everybody else, the Shire’s costs have all gone up, from construction costs to maintenance and utilities, but our Council are acutely aware of rising costs to our ratepayers, so we want to minimise the hit if we can” said Shire President Eddie Smith, adding “Council knows that we need to fund the service expectations of our community, so Council felt that this modest 3% increase, which is almost half the March Quarter CPI increase of 5.8%, was a balanced decision.”

The Notice of Intention to Impose Differential Rates is available to view on the website here, including the Objects and Reasons for Differential Rates. These are currently advertised and feedback and submissions must be received by 4:00pm Thursday 1 June 2023.

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