Council Commitments to Clean Up Carnarvon

Published on Thursday, 2 November 2023 at 10:58:13 AM

The Shire of Carnarvon has listened to the feedback and concern of its residents and local business owners and has created action to tidy the streets and increase the ease of the use of the Browns Range Waste Facility. By removing the current flat rate of $2 per kg for tyre disposal and introducing a tyre type payment model, while implementing a one-month amnesty on tip fees for commercial properties, the Shire of Carnarvon is demonstrating its dedication to creating a clean and beautiful community for all.

In July 2023, the Shire Council introduced a flat rate fee of $2 per kilogram for tyre disposal at the Browns Range Waste Facility. The intention was to simplify the fee structure and ensure fairness for both domestic and commercial customers. Feedback from our community and local businesses highlighted the difficulties in implementing a per kilogram fee, especially for small or single quantities of tyres. If approved, the new fee structure will take effect from 25 September 2023, retrospectively from the date the $2/kg fee was applied. This would allow for a refund to residents where applicable.

The amnesty for commercial property’s tip fees comes from a request from MKB Skip Bins, who stated in their request:

“There are a lot of properties that require urgent attention and require a clean-up of miscellaneous waste surrounding their properties. The incentive may entice landowners to clean up the outer parts of the commercial precinct of Carnarvon.”

A similar amnesty period was extended to the horticultural districts, which resulted in over 230 tonnes of waste being cleaned up and sent to Browns Range Waste Facility.

By adopting these initiatives, the Shire of Carnarvon demonstrates its ongoing commitment to listening to the concerns of our community and local businesses and taking action to address them. These proposed amendments to tyre disposal fees and a short-term commercials waste amnesty will enhance the overall appearance of the community through incentivised clean ups and reduced waste dumping, while ensuring the Browns Range Waste Facility remains a valuable resource for our community.

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