Council Endorses Priority Projects for 2024

Published on Thursday, 6 June 2024 at 12:15:46 PM

The Shire of Carnarvon is pleased to announce the endorsement of its Priority Projects for 2024, marking a significant step forward in community development and infrastructure enhancement.

In 2023, the Shire developed an innovative mechanism to evaluate the 'shovel-ready' status and community benefits of various capital works projects. The assessment criteria measure the anticipated impact on community objectives—economic, social, and environmental—and the ease of implementation. This includes factors such as stakeholder engagement, funding acquisition, planning, regulatory requirements, scope of works, and budget considerations.

Projects were initially categorised into four groups based on their implementation difficulty and community impact:

  • Easy to implement, low impact.
  • Easy to implement, high impact.
  • Difficult to implement, high impact.
  • Difficult to implement, low impact.

This categorisation aims to streamline resource allocation, ensuring projects advance towards shovel-ready status and are appropriately considered in budget and task allocations. It is important to note that this assessment process does not rank projects in numerical order or dictate their delivery sequence. The progress of these projects depends on securing funding and their advancement towards shovel-ready status.

To provide further clarity, the Council has introduced additional categories to better reflect project status, importance, and progress:

  • Strategic Priorities
  • Shovel Ready/Partially Funded
  • Concepts

Moving forward, the Council will be presented projects for endorsement bi-annually as this aligns with the Shire's budget cycle and State and Federal funding opportunities, allowing for the introduction of new projects.

Shire President Eddie Smith expressed his gratitude for the dedication and hard work of the Shire staff. "I am proud of our team for their tireless efforts in developing these priority projects. Their commitment and hard work have been instrumental in getting us to this point. These projects will greatly benefit our community as we secure funding opportunities and move towards implementation."

All projects have been thoroughly assessed against the community objectives outlined in the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan, developed through community engagement to capture community objectives and priorities.

After in-depth discussion, the Council has resolved to endorse the following Priority Projects for 2024:

  • Airport Relocation
  • Carnarvon Trails Project
  • Sports and Leisure Complex
  • Fascine Waterway Basin Dredging
  • Greening Carnarvon
  • Integrated Plan and Water Security
  • Coral Bay Workers Accommodation Caravan Park (Lot 64)

The Shire will actively pursue funding opportunities to advance these projects, using the Priority Projects Snapshot document to support funding requests and discussions with State and Federal Government representatives, agencies, and potential third-party funding bodies.

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