Council's Bold Plan

Published on Wednesday, 23 March 2022 at 9:39:00 AM

A bold and strong document for how to change the way the State Government responds to rise in youth crime, violence, and antisocial behaviour in Carnarvon will be considered by Council at their meeting on 22 March. 

Should it be endorsed, the Intensive Family & Community Intervention Support Program (IFCI) will bring significant change to the way the Shire and government agencies provide support to at-risk youth and families in crisis.  Read the IFCI here

Many residents, especially vulnerable people and businesses in the community, are facing issues caused by the lack of law and order, intervention, accountability, and justice.

Since 2019, important steps have been taken by the Shire to tackle the issues, including setting up a District Leadership Group Carnarvon Sub-Committee, establishing the Youth Hub, running the Night Patrol program, successfully advocating for six extra local police officers, obtaining senior staff from Geraldton, and meeting with a number of Ministers to collaborate on solutions.

Continuing incidents of violence and offences committed by at-risk youth in Carnarvon have led the Shire to host crisis response meetings with community leaders and agency representatives to discuss and develop a local intervention strategy to address youth crime and antisocial behaviour.

The Shire has liaised directly with the Yinggarda Aboriginal Corporation, the Local Member, Aboriginal Community Leaders, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Carnarvon Community College. 

The purpose and intent of the proposed IFCI is to act decisively, uphold and protect the human rights of vulnerable at-risk youth, support families to overcome cycles of disadvantage; and maintain community safety and wellbeing.  The IFCI nurtures healing and recovery and fosters long term social impact across the whole community.

The Shire is proposing Carnarvon become a trial site to pilot IFCI over the next two (2) years commencing early to mid 2022.

Recommendations put forward through the IFCI include calling on the Courts to exercise its power to enforce mandated intervention and support (as opposed to formal charges) so that families and/or at-risk youth can be placed, supported and case managed through the Intensive Family Intervention Support Program.

It is envisaged that any at-risk youth or family coming into contact with a Task Force agency will initiate a mandatory follow up and assessment by the Department of Communities, and if deemed necessary, referred to the Courts to mandate a formal placement on the Intensive Family Intervention Support Program for a minimum of six months.

Carnarvon Shire President, Eddie Smith said Council is determined to continue advocating for positive, tangible change and that the Council is eager to assess the agenda item at the March 22 Council Meeting. 

“Council is committed to acting in the interest of the whole community by working in collaboration with State and Federal Government as well as other key stakeholders to maintain community safety and wellbeing,” said Cr Smith. 

The Shire of Carnarvon acknowledges the proposed IFCI will need to be further discussed and reviewed to determine how this new approach can be developed to meet all legal, practical, and ethical requirements to progress.

“It’s clear that we need to take a different approach to addressing crime and social disorder. We need to better support families in crisis and curb youth crime and antisocial behaviour,” he added, “and this is a decisive step that has the support of community leaders.  It is critical that the State Government responds in a positive manner and brings this document to life urgently.”

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