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Published on Monday, 6 May 2024 at 11:23:02 AM

The Shire of Carnarvon is pleased to provide hospitality businesses with the opportunity to cater for the Gascoyne Primary Producers Forum.


Event Details:

The Gascoyne Food Council, Gascoyne Development Commission and the Shire of Carnarvon are collaborating to deliver an event for members of Gascoyne primary industries.

The facilitated event aims to encourage better collaboration across the industry to diversify, grow and promote Gascoyne food production.

As such, catering for this event must showcase Gascoyne produce as the ‘hero’ on the plate. The food must be presented in a manner that demonstrates local produce as high quality, aesthetically pleasing and high value.


Event Name: Gascoyne Primary Producers Forum

Date: Wednesday, 22 May

Time: 5.45pm to 7pm

Venue: Woolshed, Carnarvon Civic Centre

Expected Attendance: 150 people. Numbers will be confirmed no later than 3 days prior to the event


Catering Requirements:

Budget: $30 per person

Service Time: Tables to be serviced by 5.45pm Service Type: Formal pass around finger food


Menu Preferences:

The menu shop include:

  • A strong focus on locally available produce from the Gascoyne horticulture, pastoral and fishing sectors
  • Formal, bit sized finger food that hero’s ingredients that are grow in the Gascoyne
  • A minimum of 6 different finger food items per guest
  • Inclusion of items which are vegetarian and gluten free


Additional Information:

  • The caterer will have access to the Woolshed kitchen for food preparation from Tuesday, 21 May.
  • The caterer must include service staff in their quotation. Preference will be given to caterers who consider using the students at Gwoonwardu Mia Café to provide this service as a training opportunity. Please contact Rona 0475373309


Submission Guidelines:

Interested catering services are invited to submit their proposals by Friday, 10 May. Submissions should include:

  • Proposed menu with the number of items per This will be reviewed and potential changes may be negotiated. Once approved, the Shire will be producing menus for tables.
  • Pricing breakdown within the budget of $30 per
  • Delivery and service plan, ensuring food is served by 7pm.
  • Contact details for enquiries or


Contact Information:

Please submit your proposals to Harriet Murphy, via email at

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