Getting Creative with Susie Vickery!

Published on Friday, 18 November 2022 at 3:53:00 PM

On the 11th and 12th November 2022, it was an absolute privilege for the Library and Art Gallery to host textile artist Susie Vickery who delivered two amazing workshops in garment upcycling.  Everyone who attended had the opportunity to share ideas and learn new techniques from Susie and each other with all heading home feeling highly satisfied with their creations.

Each group of participants brought along items of clothing for upcycling as well as various embellishments, fabrics and cotton threads to add to these.  On both days, Susie’s outfits embodied the workshop goals in that she wore wonderful creative examples showcasing what could be achieved by incorporating stitched patterns on fabrics, decorative mending techniques including detailed tucks, buttons and complimentary coloured cottons and fabrics.  There was clear evidence in Susie’s pieces that the possibilities of upcycling garments are endless in that the design is constantly evolving into something ‘new’: what once started out as a skirt becomes an embroidered border for the next creation as part of a dress.  Throughout the workshops, Susie supported and encouraged participants in creating their own designs, upcycling their ‘old’ into something ‘new’!


Friday participants                                    Susie Vickery


Decorative stitching examples

These workshops follow on from Susie’s highly acclaimed touring exhibition Peregrinations of a Citizen Botanist which was hosted by the Library & Art Gallery in February and March of 2022.  The exhibition was a resounding success with many people visiting multiple times to experience all interactive components.  For those who missed out, here’s a link to more information about the exhibition, including a short video which walks you through.  Peregrinations of a Citizen Botanist

This project was made possible through the Regional Exhibition Touring Boost managed by the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries, supported by Royalties for Regions and delivered by ART ON THE MOVE.

The Act Belong Commit Engagement Program presented by ART ON THE MOVE is sponsored by Healthway promoting the Act Belong Commit health message.

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