Land exchange proposal from St John WA receives Council support

Published on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 at 8:50:00 AM

A land swap proposal from St John Ambulance WA has received support from the Shire of Carnarvon Council at its Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday, August 23, prior to seeking approval from the State Government.

The proposal would see the Shire and State Government swapping the tenure of locations previously and currently used by St John WA. The locations involved are St John WA’s former site at 5 Rushton Street held by the State Government, and their current site at 358 Robinson Street held by the Shire. The Ambulance Sub-Centre for St John was previously located at the Rushton Street address before moving to the Robinson Street address in December 2016, after the new facility was built.

The site at Rushton Street contains buildings of value and the proposed land swap would enable the site to remain with and be of use to the Community” said Shire President Eddie Smith. 

The exchange of land would also benefit St John WA’s work by providing this important community emergency service organisation security of tenure for the land on which they operate.

The Robinson Street site would be held by St John in conditional freehold from the State. Currently, the old site at Rushton Street is held by St John from the State Government as a Crown Grant in Trust. In the event of the exchange, the Robinson Street site would be held by St John in conditional freehold from the State.

St John WA is a charitable not-for-profit organisation providing a Volunteer Ambulance Service, First Aid training, First Aid kit supplies and servicing. The Carnarvon sub-centre currently have 22 volunteers who perform around 800 calls outs per year. By securing the tenure for land at 358 Robinson Street, will ensure the continuity of this life-saving service for the Community of Carnarvon.

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