On-Country youth program to help young men thrive

Published on Wednesday, 3 August 2022 at 12:24:23 PM


L-R: Eddie Smith (Shire President), three of the participants: Jayden Ranger, Sachin Dowker, Linkyn Roberts, Keneth Phillips (Community Engagement Officer) and Natasha Yew (Deputy Principal – Carnarvon Community College).

A newly launched Youth Incentive Program by the Shire of Carnarvon aims to empower and mobilise young men to enhance youth development, promote school engagement, and improve social outcomes.


As part of the program, the Shire partnered with the Carnarvon Men’s Group to organise a fun day trip to New Beach with 13 school boys from the Carnarvon Community College to engage in hands-on activities, learn new skills, and inspire connection to Country.


The therapeutic outdoor engagement program was also delivered with support from the Roebourne Men’s Group, Ngala, Gascoyne Outreach Service (Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service), Real Futures and a parent. 


The excursion was a great opportunity to strengthen youth cultural identity and for students to participate in outdoor recreation activities. The young men picked up a few nifty techniques, including netting for mullets, lighting a bush fire, and setting up a fishing rig.


The kids also enjoyed cooking a delicious lunch with a sausage sizzle and roasting spuds over coals. The program facilitators had a chance to connect with the kids as role models to share their life lessons and experiences. 


Shire President Eddie Smith said the initiative gives young men significant opportunities to interact with mentors and learn through active outdoor involvement and storytelling.


“The focus of the program is to encourage responsibility, improve self-esteem, respect and connection to Country,” said Cr Smith. “The outdoors can also improve youth wellbeing and encourage youth to redirect risk-taking behaviour into healthy activities.”


“By strengthening ties to culture, families and Elders, our youth can develop resilience and stay on track with their education and their life. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the program to foster the next generation and help them thrive and succeed,” he added.  


The next program activity is currently in planning which is a two-night camping trip at a nearby station.

Youth excursion to New Beach to participate in a range of activities on-Country

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