Overflow Campground Approved

Published on Tuesday, 28 June 2022 at 4:52:16 PM

The Carnarvon Shire Council has approved with conditions the development application to use Cardabia Station as a temporary overflow campground in Coral Bay. This project is intended to resolve a persistent accommodation issue during peak seasons in Coral Bay and will allow more locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the Indigenous pastoral station.

The bare salt flat of the former airstrip on the station will serve as the camping location, allowing up to 60 caravans in an area of approximately 1.4 hectares. No native vegetation clearing will be required, and existing access tracks will be utilised.

The application proposed providing a space to park a caravan and no additional infrastructure. All campers must be self-contained and supplied, including waste management. Overflow campers will have regular daily contact with a local camp host from Cardabia Station to provide aid, collect fees, and ensure compliance with camping guidelines and rules.

The Shire of Carnarvon conditions with the approval outlined safety and environmental health requirements, including a dump point for chemical toilet waste, supply of at least one fire extinguisher, and management in accordance with the Camping and Caravan Regulations.

Cardabia Station is managed by the Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation Located on Baiyungu country, the Cardabia was handed back to the Baiyungu people in 1998 and now serves as an important hub for the local Indigenous community. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience cultural Indigenous tours and discover Aboriginal culture from traditional custodians.  

The proposal is also well timed with the approaching solar eclipse on 20 April 2023, where Coral Bay will be one of the best places to view the full eclipse and experience the spectacular event. The Shire is expecting to see an influx of visitors to the region for the eclipse and the overflow campground will help to provide additional accommodation options.

Shire President Eddie Smith that they are enthusiastic about the proposal and hopeful that it will come into fruition.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the region to host more visitors and provide increased economic benefits for local businesses to capitalise on increased potential tourists,” said Cr Smith.

“The Shire of Carnarvon looks forward to supporting the development of the overflow campground, but we will need to make sure it meets safety and environmental health standards before proceeding,” he added.  

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