Shire Revenue Strategy adopted to improve Carnarvon’s financial position

Published on Tuesday, 26 July 2022 at 4:15:15 PM

Council has adopted the Shire of Carnarvon Revenue Strategy 2022 at its Council meeting on Tuesday 26 July 2021, which will guide Council financial decisions and resources to deliver on the community’s aspirations.

Community consultation was undertaken to get public feedback on the recommendations such as, supporting existing and potential businesses, promoting investment opportunities, and implementing alternative rating options.

This includes introducing a 3.5 per cent rate rise and implementing a higher rate for mining, special-use rural, commercial, intensive horticultural, and industrial properties with annual deliberation.

The purpose of the revenue strategy is to outline the Council revenue raising framework and aims to:

  • Improve transparency by providing the community with clear and detailed information about the Shire’s revenue sources and how they are calculated.
  • Provide a guide for Council decision making when considering the Long-Term Financial Plan and annual budget.
  • Project rates for the coming years to provide a level of certainty for ratepayers.
  • Identify revenue sources other than rates to grow our revenue streams.


The revenue strategy demonstrates Council’s commitment to developing longer-term revenue streams and ensuring rating and fees are being set in a consistent and clear manner. This strategy will also consider the ongoing support from other levels of government through grant funds which provide significant revenue to support the Shire of Carnarvon's financial performance and capacity.

Shire President Eddie Smith said “Council recognises that financial stability and sustainability is one of the highest and most pressing priorities and challenges facing the Shire of Carnarvon.”

“We acknowledge that our small ratepayer base cannot continue to sustain assets and that additional revenue streams are urgently needed to support essential programs,” he added. “I look forward to implementing the actions and strategies outline in this document to enable Carnarvon to achieve its potential as a major regional centre and capitol of the Gascoyne Region.”

Strategic outcomes are supported by the identification and planning of all financial, human resource, asset and infrastructure requirements and income opportunities over the longer term. The revenue strategy is a living document that will be adapted to respond to a changing environment and changes in community demand and expectations.

The revenue strategy will be reviewed again in April 2023 during the 2023/23 Council budget process. To view the Shire of Carnarvon revenue strategy, please visit:

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