Ukuleles strumming all over the world, including Carnarvon!

Published on Saturday, 4 February 2023 at 10:58:21 AM

Celebrating World Ukulele Day in Carnarvon!

Adam B. Harris delivering his donation to Cheryl Weston (Coordinator Library Services & Art Gallery)

Excitement is building for this year’s World Ukulele event here in Carnarvon, taking place on Saturday 4th February at 10am on the Fascine near the 6701 Waterfront Cafe.  Thanks to Adam B. Harris’ incredible enthusiasm and encouragement, community members have signed up to come together for this worldwide event which encourages music lovers to get out their own ukulele and strum away or gets people interested in playing the ukulele.  For those participating in this year’s Carnarvon event, there is also a chance to win a brand-new ukulele.

For anyone interested in giving this instrument a go, Adam has recently donated two ukulele kits to the Shire of Carnarvon Library & Art Gallery.  Each kit contains a ukulele, a ukulele stand, a digital tuner, and a beginner’s ‘how-to’ guide and can be borrowed using your library membership.  Equally, you could arrange a time to try out the ukulele in the Library Lounge either alone or with friends.

As a professionally trained musician and WAAPA graduate with extensive experience and skill, Adam is the perfect person to drive this initiative while sharing his passion for culture and the arts.  He can often be spotted along the main street, entertaining tourists, and community members alike playing the harp. 

There is no doubt that Adam’s generous offer presents a wonderful opportunity for people to try something new while, at the same time, getting involved and celebrating World Ukulele Day!

For more information about the event, contact Adam on 0414 291 770.  For enquiries about borrowing one of the ukulele kits, contact the Library Team for more details on 9941 3727.

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