Artist Announced for Skate Park Mural

Published on Thursday, 30 November 2023 at 10:01:06 AM

The Shire of Carnarvon is pleased to announce that Darryl Bellotti, a Malgana Yamatji man and accomplished artist and graphic designer, has been selected to bring his artistic talents to the forefront of the Skate Park mural as part of the Carnarvon Youth Precinct Revitalisation project.

Born and raised in Carnarvon, Darryl's profound connection to the land and deep appreciation for his cultural heritage uniquely inform his artistic expression. Through his creative expertise, Darryl communicates traditional knowledge, instilling a sense of culture into his projects.

Darryl expressed his honour in contributing to the Skate Park mural project, stating, "My work is not only an expression of my artistic abilities but also an outlet for passing on the wisdom of my people. I'm excited to engage with the youth of Carnarvon and contribute to this project."

With a diverse career spanning graphic design, film, photography, and youth engagement, Darryl brings a wealth of experience to the project. His notable contributions include designing coins for the Perth Mint, collaborating on films such as Alien Covenant and Red Dog True Blue, and actively participating in Youth Outreach and community engagement activities.

Shire President Eddie Smith expressed enthusiasm about Darryl's involvement, saying, "Darryl Bellotti's artistic vision, commitment to cultural representation, and his connection to Carnarvon makes him the perfect choice for the Skate Park mural project. We eagerly anticipate the vibrant and meaningful artwork he will create for our youth."

Darryl Bellotti visited Carnarvon on the 28 November, engaging with the youth to gather their ideas and inspiration for his upcoming design. The mural project, funded by the Gascoyne Development Commission, is scheduled to commence in January 2024.

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