First wave of grant recipients announced for 2023, providing boost for small businesses

Published on Monday, 20 March 2023 at 11:06:00 AM

The Shire of Carnarvon is pleased to announce the latest round of funding recipients from the Community Growth Fund as well as the Small Business Participation Grant (Solar Eclipse).  A total of seven organisations have been successful in securing grants for the Community Growth Fund Round 1 and a further ten have secured grants for the one-off Small Business Participation Grant (Solar Eclipse).

In this round of funding, small businesses were invited to apply for the Small Business Participation Grant (Solar Eclipse) to receive up to $1,000 towards a project or activity that builds business resilience, responds to the anticipated demand on services during the April 2023 Solar Eclipse, and/or promotes the region.

Community Growth Fund Round 1 recipients:

  • Gascoyne Growers Market Inc, $9,393
  • Gascoyne Gymnastics Club, $1,000
  • Carnarvon Speedway Club, $799
  • Gascoyne Football Association, $4,000
  • Carnarvon Junior Soccer Association, $5,000
  • Gascoyne Off Road Racing Club Inc, $5,000
  • Carnarvon Family Support Services WA LTD, $5,000

Small Business Participation Grant (Solar Eclipse) recipients:

  • Telomac Tackle and Marine, $900
  • Coastal Collective, $1,000
  • Miranda Plum, $1,000
  • Ningaloo Roast, $624
  • Sweet Cake Design, $1,000
  • Sutcliff Plantation, $549
  • Road to Foam, $1,000
  • Aartworks, $981
  • Trang Lenstra, $760
  • Wooramulla Eco Cultural Journeys, $855

The Shire of Carnarvon’s Community Growth Fund Committee met on Wednesday, 15 February to assess the applications received both grant programs. The Committee put forth recommendations to Council for approval on the grant recipients, which was granted at the Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday, 28 February.

Each application was assessed by the Committee against the criteria outlined in the Community Growth Fund’s policy prior to its recommendations to Council and scored against the detailed objectives provided, provision of a detailed budget, and demonstrating a significant benefit to the community of Carnarvon.

The Community Growth Fund has been designed to demonstrate the Council's commitment to supporting communities in the region by providing financial and in-kind support to activities that build capacity, encourage participation, and make positive and ongoing contributions that align with the Shire's Strategic Community Plan. 

The next funding round for the Community Growth Fund is open from 1 July to 12 August 2023. For more information on the program or to apply visit:

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