Housing Availability a Focus as Council Endorse Provision of Headworks Business Case

Published on Thursday, 6 July 2023 at 11:01:17 AM

The successful endorsement of Business Case ‘Provision of Headworks to Trigger Worker Accommodation Developments’ is set to improve housing availability in the Shire of Carnarvon.

In the Council Meeting today, The Shire of Carnarvon President, Eddie Smith announced the successful endorsement of the business case.

Cr Smith said there was a need to address the chronic shortage of housing in the region, to attract essential workers, and trigger investment in service infrastructure in Carnarvon.

“We’re thrilled to have secured the necessary endorsement for this business case which aims to assist developers and unlock vital investment in the Shire to improve housing availability,” said Cr Smith.

A significant component of the business case focuses on the need for funding to support the provision of adequate headworks, including deep sewer connection, to encourage new developments, particularly worker accommodation.

The Shire of Carnarvon anticipates that this initiative will have far-reaching benefits for the region, improving the availability of housing, reducing the cost of living, encouraging economic growth, and ensuring that adequate staffing levels exist for essential services, including healthcare, schools, and emergency services.

The Shire of Carnarvon has also committed to reviewing the project periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and responsive to the needs of the region.

“This is a dynamic document that recognises the changing landscape of the region and we’re committed to regular reviews of its content to ensure it accurately reflects changes to the environment,” said Cr Smith.

The Shire of Carnarvon CEO Andrea Selvey engaged with key stakeholders, via her participation on the Gascoyne Regional Housing Sub-Committee, to garner support for the initiative.

The Sub-Committee includes representatives from the Gascoyne Development Commission, Department of Planning Lands and Heritage, Water Corporation, Horizon Power, Department of Communities, Gascoyne Local Governments.

The Sub-Committee works collaboratively to resolve housing constraints across the Gascoyne region and is supportive of working with developers to trigger private investment into residential housing.

The business case is one of multiple initiatives the Shire has partnered with the Gascoyne Development Commission to deliver on, which aims to build the next 100 houses in Carnarvon.

These projects progress a commitment we made in our Strategic Community Plan that our infrastructure, housing and amenities are high quality and accessible to ensure that “Carnarvon will be a place where our livelihoods are thriving”.


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