Mayu-Mia temporarily on hold

Published on Monday, 6 December 2021 at 5:08:00 PM

Mayu-Mia and Community Connect Us program are temporarily on hold with immediate effect

It is with regret that the Shire of Carnarvon has announced this morning that the Youth Services (Mayu-Mia and Community Connectus Program) will be temporarily put on hold for the immediate future. This decision is due to concerns for staff safety prompted by recent incidents in the community.

“We know that the majority of Carnarvon’s youth who participate in and enjoy these programs are well-behaved and respectful to staff," said Shire of Carnarvon CEO, Andrea Selvey.

“However, a small number of young people have created a situation where we do not feel confident that our staff are able to operate in a safe environment.”

The Shire’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of its staff; at the moment this cannot be guaranteed, therefore, youth services will be suspended immediately until staff can feel safe when providing these services.

“We hope that the community understands the reasons behind this difficult decision and support us in this until we can implement some improved security for staff,” said Shire President, Eddie Smith.

“We also hope that the State Government, who provide some funding for these and other youth services in Carnarvon, will work with us to find positive long term solutions to these complex issues which are not unique to our community,” said Cr Smith. 

“We are looking forward to resolving the current situation and moving forward in a positive way as the amazing community and town we know, as soon as possible.”

 For more information, please contact Alice Warwick, Communications Coordinator at (08) 9941 0000 or warwick.a@carnarvon.w