Premier Catches a Taste of the Great Life

Published on Friday, 17 February 2023 at 4:36:38 PM

Western Australian Premier, Hon. Mark McGowan and Member for Mining & Pastoral Region Peter Foster MLC met with Shire representatives today.  They were presented with information on the array of major projects on our horizon and the infrastructure and amenity improvements needed to capitalise on these improvements.  The social challenges currently facing our community were also discussed at length and the Premier showed great interest in these concerns. Shire President Eddie Smith and Chief Executive Officer Andrea Selvey were pleased by the Premier’s interest and to have the opportunity to provide updates on the two state-funded projects currently underway.

The On Our Horizon portfolio highlights nine major projects that will boost the economy and population for Carnarvon and transform the energy and tourism sectors. This can be viewed Here.

The Intensive Family & Community Intervention (IFCI) strategy incorporates a task force and a support program with the intention to act, uphold and protect the human rights of vulnerable at-risk youth, support families to overcome cycles of disadvantage, and maintain community safety and wellbeing. See the IFCI Here.

Our IFCI and On Our Horizon were delivered to the Premier and team this morning along with highlighting a range of Infrastructure projects that will enable growth in Carnarvon including the Airport and the Roads Strategy.

Following discussion on the social hurdles currently being experienced in the community, the Premier took a sobering tour of Brockman, guided by the Shire President Eddie Smith and CEO Andrea Selvey. “The Premier didn’t make any promises or official statements, but he took extensive notes” commented President Smith, adding “I feel positive that we were heard today and seen, and that benefits will come from this visit”.


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